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OpusWorks® Institute Instructor and Consultant Team.

Vickie Kamataris

As Chief of Content & Delivery and lead Master Black Belt for the OpusWorks Institute, Vickie Kamataris leads a diverse and dedicated team of senior Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) practitioners to empower people to use CPI tools and methods to make a practical, meaningful difference in their work. Employing extensive experience in many industries, from aviation to healthcare, a relentless passion for excellence, and decades of teaching in the corporate, college, and virtual classroom, Vickie breaks down barriers. She simplifies the complex so that CPI tools and methods can thrive in industries and processes where they supposedly do not work. Because they do!

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Fernando Cardoza

Fernando brings over 15 years of hands-on experience in Lean Six Sigma, innovation and process transformation in diverse industries and environments: Technology, Telecommunications, Retail, Human Resources and Financial services. As bi-lingual facilitator and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with OpusWorks Institute, Fernando guides his students to use process improvement to achieve customer delight while maximizing financial returns.

Timothy Clancy

Tim Clancy brings nearly three decades of business, government, and military enterprise-level, performance and process improvement deployment experience, plus time as Chief Methodologist of Lean, Six Sigma, and Agile at IBM and as a pioneer in complex system dynamics computer simulations, to his work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Tim's training sessions are hands-on and inspirational, especially when Lean is applied to improve IT, technology, and knowledge area processes.

Alexandre Fonseca Torres

From his base in Itajubá, MG, Brazil, Alexandre Torres brings a Ph.D. in industrial engineering from the Federal University of Itajubá, plus experience as a bi-lingual professor, practitioner, and instructor to his work as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Alex pushes his students to experience "AHA" moments because he knows that though knowledge transfer is integral to the education process, it is never enough. In addition to being an instructor, Alex serves as the OpusWorks Institute Director applying his expertise and experience to creating content and advising on new product development.

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Steve Ford

Steve Ford brings over thirty years of operations experience, including leadership of a Lean Six Sigma Center of Excellence for a major telecommunications company. Steve added recent service to airline, and online retail clients to his work as a Six Sigma Black Belt and ASQ Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Quality Engineer for the OpusWorks Institute. Gifted with a consultative mindset, Steve enjoys seeing his students apply their learnings to improve day-to-day work and lead improvement projects that impact the bottom line.

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Dennis Godwin

Dennis Godwin brings over 20 years of Lean, Six Sigma, and Theory of Constraints practitioner, consulting, and teaching experience spanning industries including Aerospace MRO (NASA and DoD), Software Development, Healthcare, and Transportation to his work as an OpusWorks Institute Master Black Belt. Dennis believes that (i) true continuous improvement can only be sustained when it is practiced in an organization by everyone, everywhere, every day; (ii) people develop processes and leaders develop people; and (iii) his greatest accomplishments live in those he has taught and mentored along the way.

Rod Loucks

Rod Loucks is a Business and Operations Excellence consultant with over 30 years of experience and $20MM in verified CI savings. Rod has served in engineering, quality, supply chain and operations roles across many different industries. From ASQ, he is a Certified Quality Engineer and Certified Lean & Six Sigma Master Black Belt. His passion is applying tools and methodologies to create flow and capacity while streamlining manufacturing operations. Rod is driven to make businesses more competitive and make people better leaders and problem-solvers through Kata-inspired training, coaching, and mentoring.

Beth Morrison

Beth Morrison brings over 20 years of passionate Six Sigma and Lean practitioner experience with several large manufacturing companies and consulting firms to her work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Though Beth excels at introducing her students to the world of continuous improvement and its multitude of tools, she is especially passionate about encouraging them to embrace change.

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Eddie Perez-Ruberte

Eddie Perez brings rich experience as a bi-lingual speaker, author, conference chair, instructor, implementer, and leader in Innovation, employee engagement, Lean in Healthcare, and quality, high-reliability, and performance improvement in healthcare, manufacturing, aerospace, and nonprofits to his work as a Lean Expert and Six Sigma Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Eddie prides himself on helping his students become proficient and inspired practitioners and leaders of their organizations.

Er Ralston

Er Ralston brings over thirty years of experience in operations and quality leadership interventions to his work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Formerly with the Juran Institute and a major university medical center, Er draws upon his business process excellence, planning, Lean Six Sigma, and Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award accomplishments as an executive coach, trainer, consultant, and examiner to inspire others in their quest for performance excellence.

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Theodore Revilock

Ted Revilock brings over 20 years of wide-ranging business transformation value-creation success managing complex improvements across many industries and functional departments and has led multiple Continuous Improvement program deployments. In Ted's work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute, he is an expert in the application of Lean, Six Sigma, Design Thinking, and Agile concepts to help organizations improve performance while building capability.

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Junell Scheeres

Junell Scheeres brings decades of Lean Six Sigma practitioner, leadership, change management, and project management course design and facilitation experience, plus know-how gained from guiding performance improvement initiatives and organizational transformations for many private and federal government entities to her work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Junell is passionate about enabling new practitioners to apply the skills and tools they need to improve performance in their organization.

Penny Schoonmaker

Penelope (Penny) Schoonmaker brings over twenty years of award-winning Lean Six Sigma experience in manufacturing and nonprofits to her work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. With expertise in project leadership and facilitation, belt coaching, project portfolio management, and Continuous Improvement tool implementation, Penny loves to help others find their "Aha" moment when their learnings click into understanding, growth, and savings for them.

Brian Stockhoff

Brian Stockhoff, with demonstrated business process reengineering, organizational performance assessment, project team leadership, training, coaching, and management consulting capabilities, brings rich biotechnology, healthcare, service, and manufacturing experience to his work as a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. As an instructor, Brian measures success by how well his students can apply statistics, process optimization methods, and project management skills to reduce defects, waste, and cycle time in their business processes.

Cynthia Tschantz

Cindy Tschantz brings perspectives from a 40-year career in the telecommunications industry, including the last 20 years as a Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement practitioner, to her work as a Master Black Belt with the OpusWorks Institute. Cindy is an enthusiastic, highly motivated, voracious learner who is infectiously passionate about process improvement activities, tools, and techniques because of the unique insights they reveal about solving business problems.