With OpusWorks®, you’re backed by a team of experts that works for you.

Jan Freyburgher - Chief Revenue Officer

Jan Freyburgher brings nearly 20 years of experience in the Lean Six Sigma/Operational Excellence industry to her work leading the OpusWorks® team of account managers to discern the needs of potential clients, quickly ramp-up new clients, and rapidly scale rollouts with existing clients.

Client Services:  Laura Taylor - Director

Client Services team is always available to offer customers personalized assistance. As a new corporate customer, you'll work closely with OpusWorks® Client Services as you set up your student portal and familiarize yourself with OpusWorks'® suite of administrator tools. To fast-track your deployment, our client services team will administer your first class under your direction, so you can launch your program right away.

Systems Support:  Brian Wolf - Director | Slavic Yakushenko - Manager

Brian Wolf and Slavic work closely with our Client Services team to ensure that you get the most out of our SaaS learning platform. Benefit from his knowledge of OpusWorks®, LMS connectivity, and cloud computing, to harness the full power of blended learning, and give your students the fastest, most effective training available today.

Brian is assisted by Slavic Yakushenko:

Rachel Stewart - VP of Administration

Rachel also works closely with our Client Services team to ensure that all the paperwork is complete and in order so that your relationship with OpusWorks® and its people can thrive and be the very best it can be.

OpusWorks® Institute:  Vickie Kamataris - Chief Master Black Belt

Vickie leads the diverse and dedicated OpusWorks® Institute team of senior Continuous Process Improvement expert practitioners. With more than 25 years of wide-ranging industry experience, plus decades of teaching in the corporate, college, and virtual classroom, Vickie breaks down barriers and simplifies the complex so that CPI tools and methods can thrive in industries and processes where they, supposedly, do not work.

David Hood - Chief Systems Architect

Dave is the mastermind behind the OpusWorks® platform. Blessed with a vision for the future of cloud computing, Dave and his team of programmers likes to say that if you can imagine it, we can build it. With OpusWorks®, you will always be on the cutting edge and marvel at how well OpusWorks® automates previously manual tasks.

Dan Rice - Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

When not overseeing OpusWorks® Operations, Dan and his team of course developers, script writers, artists, and voice-over talent create amazing e-Learning that will wow your learners. Dan and his team meet you where you are, and enable you to get to where you want to go.

Rob Stewart - CEO and Co-founder

Rob, co-founder of OpusWorks® in 1992 and now CEO, is an expert in the wise use of technology to enable more rapid scaling of Lean Six Sigma/Operational Excellence and other learning and deployment initiatives. Rob is especially dedicated to building relationship, confidence and trust with all constituents of the OpusWorks® community so that everyone can exceed expectations as they strive to achieve their professional and personal goals.