Integrated Project Tracking
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Visibly transform training dollars into business results.

Powerful and flexible, yet simple to use. Project Tracking and reporting help drive your deployment success.

Integrated solutions connect project teams to mentors while successfully guiding, tracking, alerting, and recording. Rapidly scale project velocity, value, and visibility across your organization by helping teams stay on track and mentors stay connected to the work. Celebrate and leverage success while identifying standout practitioners.

Integrated Project Tracking

A value adding activity for your whole team!
  • Empower Your Teams:
  • Simple to follow project flow with templates, resources, and links to JIT training.
  • Automated alerts and real time mentoring keep projects moving
    forward and on time.
  • Deliver more completed projects with higher success rates and
    greater ROI.
  • Easily customize to fully suit the needs of your team.
  • Empower Your Deployment Leaders:
  • Mentors are able to track and assist a greater number
    of teams.
  • Alerts, push reports, and toll gate reviews produce results.
  • Real time visibility into the heart of your deployment. Manual
    spreadsheets are a thing of the past.
  • Automatically link projects to organizational goals.
  • Easily share project gains with all stakeholders.
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