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OpusWorks®, trusted and proven Deployment Solutions

Deploying a Business Excellence Initiative is more than just complex. It requires proper planning, training, improvement projects, tracking, incentivizing, and celebrating. OpusWorks® is here to help across all facets of your deployment effort.

OpusWorks® Project Tracker: Built in, not add on

The OpusWorks® Project Tracker breaks down the steps necessary to complete a project into three distinct levels: Phases, Tasks, and Activities. Phases are the high-level functional groups that represent the progression through a project. Within each Phase, participants are asked to complete a series of Tasks that comprise the organized work of the Phase. Finally, because Tasks are often comprised of discrete steps that may need to be tracked, we include an Activity level for the project path.

All this capability - built-in to the fabric of the OpusWorks® interface.

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    Deployment Leader Value

    Easily demonstrate value creation. View a single dashboard for real-time project status and customized project flow.

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    Leader Value

    Powerful insights with single dashboard for program, including projects and project pipeline. Increased accountability with view into project plans and timelines.

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    Practitioner Value

    Clear project plan, with time-saving tools and templates at fingertips. Easy communication for questions or toll-gate reviews. Demonstrate personal value with tracked projects completed and delivered.

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    Mentor Value

    Real-time insights, and immediate communication for on-time, on-budget delivery. Clear view of practitioners and projects, with proactive notifications for questions, timeline issues, and tollgate reviews.

Instructor and Mentor Services

Subject Matter Experts can be a key resource to a successful deployment. OpusWorks® instructors are ready to supplement your in-house training. OpusWorks® mentors are ready to lead your participants through their important improvement projects.

This service includes:
  • Deployment
  • Program Offices
  • Project Selection
  • ROI and ROI tracking
  • Culture Transformation
  • Best Practices
  • Executive and Leadership Coaching and Consulting

The OpusWorks® team consists of individuals who have led the successful deployment efforts at some of the best-known organizations in the world. Let their expertise and knowledge scale your initiative, while avoiding the pitfalls that can often derail a deployment.

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    Eliminate the Waste from Training

    Our interactive blended learning models reduce travel costs, time away from work, and training time.

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    Increase Practitioner Speed-to-Proficiency

    With our industry-leading content, people learn faster, work together more collaboratively, and achieve results more quickly.

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    Implement Systems, and Sustain Excellence

    OpusWorks® offers a comprehensive execution system for deployments. Master its power and gain a strong competitive advantage.