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Why should I consider blended learning from OpusWorks® for my organization’s training programs?

Blended Learning through OpusWorks® offers your students faster, more effective education than any other training method. Courses powered by OpusWorks® combine the strengths of self-paced e-Learning with expert in-class instruction to create targeted, project focused classes. Use our extensive library of online courses to teach your students fundamental skills before they arrive in class, and free your instructors to focus on project applications and practical results. Blended learning through OpusWorks® cuts training time in half, so you can fast-track the path to success.

  • Designed especially for the adult learner, our virtual training environment is proven to increase knowledge retention by up to 20% and reduce class time by up to 50%.
  • Self-paced learning means students gain a thorough knowledge of material without losing valuable time on the job.

How long will it take to launch my new training program?

We pride ourselves on our quickstart capabilities. You'll work closely with our experienced onboarding team to ensure that your training program can be deployed quickly and smoothly. You decide on the timeline you need, and the level of access and customization you want, and we do all the rest. From training your administrators to guiding you through your first class, we'll be there.

Can I track my program’s progress?

OpusWorks® provides your instructors and students with direct online access to their learning portal, allowing 24-7 monitoring of student involvement and progress. Your portal also provides instructors with a full suite of companion tools, articles, and handouts for each module topic. Enable exit testing and completion surveys to assess student learning and provide valuable instructor feedback.

Will employee training disrupt workflow?

At OpusWorks®, we recognize that frontline employees perform critical and time sensitive functions, so we provide quality improvement training with minimal disruption to your workflow. Eliminate time lost in traditional training scenarios with our interactive, blended learning approach. Students can complete online coursework at their own pace, from any location, reducing class time by as much as 50% and limiting time away from the job.