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Lean for Education for Educational Professionals

Are you on the quest to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement? Do you want to increase your knowledge of Lean and Process Excellence? Are you interested in benchmarking and learning from your peers?

Work gets done in all organizations through processes, but processes inherently have waste. Through the systematic application of Lean Six Sigma, process waste is eliminated. Lean Six Sigma has generally been applied in the manufacturing sector to achieve production and cost efficiencies. When Lean Six Sigma is successfully applied to the processes in education, the results are improved student experiences, reduced operating costs, more satisfied employees, and better operating performance.

OpusWorks® Lean Education course is designed specifically for educational leaders seeking to use the Lean for Education training platform to help build a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

In our new Lean for Education series, team members will now learn the tools necessary to identify and remove waste from a process, sustain the gains made, and improve the operation and safety of their department. Using our Blended Learning Design, education professionals utilize visually eye-catching on-line modules to gain a deeper understanding of Lean methodologies. Classroom or virtual classroom sessions allow instructors to build upon this knowledge and focus the learning for immediate action.


Totals: e-Learning = ~6hrs

*This course can be employed as stand alone e-Learning or teamed with our recommended Blended Learning classroom approach.

  • Intoduction to Lean for Education
  • Eight Wastes for Education
  • 5S Plus Safety for Education
  • Current State Value Stream Mapping for Education
  • Future State Value Stream Mapping for Education
  • Standard Work for Education
  • Visual Management for Education
  • Error Proofing for Education
  • Kaizen Event for Education
  • Workplace Design for Education
  • Flow and Pull Systems for Education

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