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Process Improvement for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare is constantly improving, changing and adapting. OpusWorks® helps ensure your staff and processes do the same.

Enable Healthcare Process Excellence and develop shared knowledge across your organization. Our e-Learning, developed specifically for healthcare, meets the highest industry standards, and can be effortlessly delivered as blended learning on our flexible deployment platform.

OpusWorks® Lean Six Sigma Healthcare courses are designed specifically for healthcare professionals seeking to use the training platform to help build a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.

In our Lean Modules for Healthcare, team members will now learn the tools necessary to identify and remove waste from a process, sustain the gains made, and improve the operation and safety of their department. Using OpusWorks® Blended Learning Designs, healthcare professionals utilize visually eye-catching on-line modules to gain a deeper understanding of Lean methodologies. Classroom or virtual classroom sessions allow instructors to build upon this knowledge and focus the learning for immediate action.

Lean Modules for Healthcare

Totals: e-Learning = ~7hrs

*These Modules can be employed as stand-alone e-Learning or teamed with our recommended Blended Learning classroom approach

  • Introduction to Lean for Healthcare
  • A3 Problem Solving for Healthcare
  • Current State Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare
  • Future State Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare
  • Standard Work for Healthcare
  • Kaizen Event for Healthcare
  • Flow and Pull Systems for Healthcare
  • Workplace Design for Healthcare
  • Visual Management for Healthcare
  • Error Proofing for Healthcare
  • 5S Plus Safety for Healthcare
  • Eight Wastes for Healthcare

For additional information about the Lean Six Sigma Healthcare offerings from OpusWorks,
click hc.opusworks.com.

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